Chunking Down Goals is Critical for Success

Chunking Down Goals is Critical for Success

I have a goal for this quarter: create a social posting plan for Goals That Matter, to be implemented once the book is published.

For the month of April, I looked at that goal every day and thought “I’ve still got plenty of time.”

And that is a problem.

There are multiple steps to this goal; I probably need to invest 4-6 hours at a minimum to get it done.  I do not need to have the content written—just a plan for which sites I’ll post on, how often, to which audience and what type of content.

But by having it on my goal sheet for the quarter, it gives me wiggle room. It allows me to put off taking steps towards, but as it as it is on my list, I know I’ll get it done.  That is most likely true—BUT will I get it done in a rush and will it be as good as it would be if I chunked it down?

I know from my own goals and from working with others that we tend to put off what is not in front of us NOW. And that means we often are rushing towards the deadline to get it done, trading quality for lack of planning.

That is why chunking down goals is so important!  I usually chunk down my larger goals into quarterly or monthly goals so I’m not trying to do them all at once. Depending on the goal, you might also further reduce that to weekly or daily to-dos.

For those with whom I work with on goals, I see the same. When they chunk down larger goals into smaller chunks spread across the entire month or quarter, they have stronger results and a better outcome.

What do you have on your 2020 Goals list that are not chunked down? Have you taken steps towards achieving them or are they sitting on the list, looking like you have plenty of time to get them done before the end of the year?

Pull out that list and see what you have for a big goal. Then ask how many steps you need to take to accomplish it. What can you do this month (or week) to move you towards successfully achieving the goal?

Chunking It Down = Success

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